Have you come across a fake SILENCE website or advertisement?
Report it to our brand protection team at or contact us

Frequently Asked Questions:
I ordered from a fake website, what should I do now?
Because you made a purchase from a bogus website, you may have been a victim of fraud.
Therefore, we recommend that you contact your bank/payment method as soon as possible so that
can arrange a refund for the fake items you purchased. Please report the website using
the link above. We can then ensure that the counterfeit is removed as soon as possible!

Can you reimburse me for my costs?
Unfortunately, because these sites are in no way affiliated with VELVET BLEIN, we are unable to
provide you with a refund. We recommend that you contact your bank/payment method for more information about a refund.

Is my banking information at risk if I ordered from a fake website?
Please contact your bank directly if you have concerns about your banking information. We recommend
follow your bank's advice to keep your account safe. Also, please be wary of phishing emails you may be subject to.

I saw a sale announcement on social media, is it real?
When we have a sale, we will announce it through our social media channels, but only through
our verified accounts! Make sure the account announcing a sale is our official verified account
before placing an order.

How can I report a fake profile on instagram?
You can also report fake ads on social media by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of
the sponsored ad to report it directly to the social media platform. The more reports do
receive, the better!

How do I know this is a trustworthy website?
We do not sell our items through third parties, only through our official website.
Always check the URL before ordering!

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